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Concrete Patios Rochester, NYA patio is an excellent addition to any yard. When designed well using good quality materials, it can easily become a great place to relax in or entertain friends. If you like you can also get an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace or fire pit installed in this space which will add to the ambience, warmth and comfort of your patio. When you are planning on getting this installation for your landscape, it’s important that you choose very good patio installers for the job.

They will help with the design aspect of the project, help you choose good quality materials that perform well and add to the integrity of the feature; which provides value for money in the long term. Companies like Curb Magic provide excellent landscape curbing solutions that perform well in various climatic conditions and settings and enhance the appeal of the outdoor spaces on a property.

They cater to clients in and around Rochester, Irondequoit, Henrietta, and Pittsford; they have successfully handled projects for customers across Greece, Scottsville, Webster, and Fairport, and serve a number of customers in Newark and Brockport too. When it comes to patio installations, you have a number of materials to choose from including natural stone, brick or concrete.

Why A Concrete Patio A Great Option

It’s a common misconception that only brick or stone would be able to provide a very unique look to the patio and that concrete will only look grey and dull. But as mentioned, this is no more than a misconception; take a look at why this is a great option for your patio project:

  • Concrete is able to weather the elements well and becomes the perfect material for your patio as it is exposed to the elements
  • The installation is easy and quick
  • You will also find that a concrete patio is very easy to maintain
  • You can choose from various colors, textures and  finishes
  • You can get the poured concrete flooring stamped, stained or polished to create the kind of look you want
  • Stamping the concrete gives it a texture which makes the surface slip-resistant

Concrete Pavers For Patio Installations

While poured and stamped concrete is definitely a great option for your patio flooring, you can also consider getting concrete patio pavers installed. These units are very tough and hardy, are available in a range of colors, designs, shapes and styles and the installation and maintenance is easy too. 

The company that handles this job for you will ensure these units are installed expertly and if you like you can get then sanded and sealed as well. This makes the surface stain and scratch-resistant. If you are getting other features like a driveway, pathways, walkways etc. installed at the same a time, you should consider using interlocking concrete pavers for these areas as well.

This will help create a very cohesive and seamless look in the outdoor areas of your property. When you are getting these features installed, it’s best to hire experts like the ones at Curb Magic for the job. That ensures you will get high-grade installations at reasonable concrete patio paver cost that enhances the appeal, functionality and value of your property.


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