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Landscape Curbing Rochester, NYA landscape is a mix of a number of features and installations and while the softscaping features like plants, shrubs and trees are important aspects of it, certain masonry features like landscape curbing have a very important role to play in the overall functioning and sustainability of the landscape.

Curbing is a vital aspect of a landscaping project; and when you opt for good quality materials that perform well and add to the integrity of the landscaping they provide value for money in the long term. Companies like Curb Magic provide excellent landscape curbing solutions that perform well in various climatic conditions and settings, and enhance the appeal of the outdoor spaces on a property.

They cater to clients in and around Rochester, Irondequoit, Henrietta, and Pittsford and have successfully handled projects for customers across Greece, Scottsville, Webster, and Fairport, and serve a number of customers in Newark and Brockport too.

Benefits of Concrete Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing is also referred to as a landscape border or mower strip edging and there are a number of benefits to getting it installed on your property such as:

  • It improves your landscape by creating very attractive and functional separations between gardens and lawn spaces.
  • It helps save hours of trimming or edging time as you don’t have to be extra careful while mowing your lawn edges.
  • The "mower" style curbing especially provides a more hidden look, as it has a low profile. That helps serve the purpose without looking very obvious in the landscape.
  • If you prefer a more visible style and want to show off the curbing installation, you can opt for slant style feature; this concrete surface can be stamped for a better effect and will be more noticeable from a distance.
  • Landscape edging helps maintain the beauty and structure of the outdoor areas of your property.
  • Concrete curb installations are a more practical, durable and cost effective option. They don’t require regular replacement like wood or rubber edging.
  • It’s a very low maintenance solution and all it requires is an occasional pressure clean to keep it looking new.
  • It’s a great way to prevent grass from overgrowing into the shrub and flower beds.
  • Installation is easy and no damage is caused either to your garden or lawns.
  • Since this is an on-site mixing process, it’s possible to customize the installation perfectly to fit perfectly against the shape and contours of the lawn spaces.
  • It helps create a very distinctive look on your property.
  • Installation is quick and in most instances all it takes is half a day to install concrete curbing.

Landscape curbing cost is quite low and this makes the entire project very cost-effective for you. In addition, there are a variety of styles, colors, textures and finishes to choose from and this adds to the uniqueness of your landscaping project.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to getting concrete curb edges installed in various areas of the landscape. However, when you are considering getting these features, you should hire experts like the ones at Curb Magic for the job. That ensures you will get high-grade installations that enhance the appeal, functionality and value of your property.


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