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Landscape Curbing Rochester, NYCurb Magic, also referred to as “mower strip edging,” “landscape curbing,” or “landscape border,” improves landscapes by creating attractive separations between lawn and gardens, and can save hours of edging or trimming time. Our "mower" style curbing provides a lower, more hidden look, while our “slant” style gives a surface that is more visibly noticed from a distance and can also be stamped to add texture.

Landscape curbing is absolutely essential if you want to maintain your landscape’s structure and beauty.

Traditionally, landscape edging is made from wood, blocks, or similar material. Unfortunately, property owners are forced to replace these borders regularly because they can degrade over time or move from their original position. With many years of experience and completed projects under our belt, Curb Magic continues to add that little touch many landscapes and homes have always been missing.

In addition to being an attractive feature, Curb Magic offers several benefits:

  • No weekly maintenance
  • No need to be replaced like rubber or wood edging
  • Guaranteed to prevent grass from creeping into flower and shrub beds
  • Easily installed, without causing damage to your lawn or garden, in half a day (most lawns). The concrete is actually mixed on site and fed into a device which extrudes the mixture onto the ground.

Why should you use Curb Magic Curbing?

  • It's beautiful and adds a distinctive flair to most landscapes; it's functional, surprisingly inexpensive, and can be installed quickly. In addition, there are styles, colors, and finishes to meet most any landscaping need.
  • Curb Magic installs all over the greater Rochester area, including Brockport, Canandaigua, Farmington, Churchville, Fairport, Hamlin, Hilton, Henrietta, and Macedon.
  • The edging will help define separate areas of your backyard, separating a garden or pool from a lawn.
  • You won’t have to spend hours edging and trimming the grass close to the borders - your lawn mower can move right up to the edging and take care of the grass close to it.
  • The separation also ensures that plants don’t encroach on other areas of the backyard. Curb Magic will successfully hold back stubborn roots and growth.
  • It doesn’t need to be replaced. Curb Magic can easily last a lifetime if you take proper care of it. The concrete mixture we use forms a very resilient border.
  • The installation doesn’t cause any damage to the surrounding landscape. You won’t have to worry about your lawn grass or garden plants. We carefully clear a small section around the area and install the concrete promptly.
  • The installation process is quick. You can expect us to be done with our job in a matter of hours. Our crew will double-check everything before considering the job done. Once it’s done, simply wait for it to dry before use.

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