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Landscape Products Rochester, NYAs a company that has been around since 1993, we have developed techniques to ensure that every job is completed to out last any Rochester season.   Crumbling and deterioration are a major concern in our ever-changing climate. Choosing the right material is always a challenge.  Curb Magic uses a mixture of Portland, Sand, and Stone, which, by definition, are the same ingredients as Concrete. However, there are additional materials in our concrete mix which ensure strength, durability, and longevity.

Curb Magic has completed numerous installations in the greater Rochester area, including Mendon, North Chili, Ontario, Palmyra, and Penfield. You probably have Curb Magic in your neighborhood! Concrete patios and walkways have grown in popularity over the years. Many of your neighbors in Pittsford, Rush, Scottsville, Spencerport, and Victor have turned to Curb Magic’s knowledge and quality of craftsmanship.

Non-colored concrete has always been a durable product used in a wide variety of areas throughout every home, but with innovation in colors and finishes, the same sturdy product can be made to either blend into any landscape project, or stand out as a focal point for any home or business.

To understand what’s special about our product, you need to understand what concrete actually is.  According to the dictionary, concrete is a rough building material that’s a mixture of gravel or broken stone, water, sand, and cement. The solution is usually semi-liquid immediately after mixing, but it quickly solidifies.

Curb Magic uses gravel, stone or aggregate in every Concrete Curbing Mix we install.

Why Stone or Aggregate????

In order to have “concrete curbing,” stone or aggregate must make up 40% of the concrete mixture. The presence of the gravel has a significant impact on the quality and strength of the concrete. We choose to use aggregate for our concrete mixture, not only for its added strength and durability, but also because, without it, the product being installed would not be concrete. In fact, Curb Magic is the only curbing company in this area that utilizes stone aggregate in the Curbing Mixture. Aggregate concrete mix won’t break easily and will last for a very long time.  

Our concrete installations have stood the test of time. Everything from the very first curbing we installed to the latest patio installation is functioning perfectly well. Our product is ideal for outdoor settings and is very durable. If you want to install curbing that will stay intact for years to come, or a walkway that will out last any Rochester winter, please consider us. We offer a free estimate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 585 244 2000 or fill in the form available at the bottom of the page. We’ll be happy to help you in every way possible.

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